The new Standard for Safety Footwear EN ISO 20345:2022 is in place.


In our safety footwear, puncture resistance is secured with KEVLAR lining midsole instead of steel plates. The midsole which complies with the EN ISO 20345 Standard, prevents any kind of penetration of a nail width of 4.5 mm and a force of 1100 Newton.


strong as steel, light as plastic

The protective toe-caps used in our safety footwear are made of Fiberglass material which is lighter and more flexible than steel. The non-magnetic and thermal insulating characteristic of the material are additional advantages to user. Fiberglass toe-cap increases comfort with its thickness as low as 6.5 mm, leaving more space in the footwear. Also the rubber tape at the open side of the cap prevents any contact to foot. Fiberglass toe-cap also meets the impact resistance criteria EN ISO 20345 and EN ISO 22568 standards ask with more presicion than regular composite toe-caps

The table below shows the new categories and requirements the new standard brings.

  • * Different from 2011, as of the 2022 Standard, Slip Resistance will be indicated with SR.
  • * Different from 2011, as of the 2022 Standard, Resistance to Hydrocarbons is only mandatory in SB category.
  • * Different from 2011, as of the 2022 Standard, Puncture Resistance material and level will be indicated with 3 different signs.


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