In the 21st century, the principles of happiness and security of people began to be established in the culture of companies; indicating that the modern level in industry will be reached.

Ensuring the maximum degree of work safety and the satisfactory quality of the clothing and social assistance products used by the employees in their work and social life, enhances their feelings of trust and commitment towards the workplace and enables them to identify with the company identity. In an age where technology is advancing at an increasing pace, the need for employees to use this technology puts the human factor and the "investment in people" into the forefront.

Therefore, the use of safety products is of vital importance for the companies that make investment to human beings as a company policy.

However, due to the lack of awareness in the past years, our sector tended to supply products with low quality.

Moreover, since this supply was not made with a modern marketing logic, the purchasing departments of the companies supplied their needs with difficulty, and there were wasted time and money.

In accordance with our philosophy, which prevents us from accepting this understanding, as Özkan Teknik; we owe it to our society to build long-term relationships with our customers based on solid foundations, to avoid cheap and simple ways for work safety and to provide quality services.